Our mission is to work with the local community to make sure that victims of crime in Baker County are getting the support and resources they need to navigate the criminal justice process with ease.


We will help you understand your rights, provide information and overall help and support throughout the criminal justice process.



1. Work hard to inform you of your rights and advocate for your rights throughout the criminal justice process.

2. Stay in communication with you, keeping you informed and up to date on what is happening with the case.

3. Advocate for your wishes with the District Attorney and Deputy District Attorneys, along with the Judge that is hearing the case.

4. Be a support person to help you find resources you may need regarding your case.

5. Provide you with options regarding decisions involving your case.

6. Go to appointments with you that are related to your case, attend Court with you, and answer questions related to the Court proceedings.




1. Provide legal advice.

2. Force the DA’s Office or the Court to do what you would like.